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GCI philosophy is that students have the ability and potential to learn and should be given every available opportunity to succeed in their chosen career. 

We offer healthcare aspirants an option to pursue training and experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medication Technician.

Our training programs are of the highest quality that meets and exceeds all government standards, rules and regulations. We do not only teach our students how to provide care to others as a profession, we show it.

GCI programs are comprehensive, informative, and engaging. Our instructors possess a wealth of experience in healthcare generally and nursing in particular. Some of our instructors started out as Certified Nursing Assistant and Licensed Practical Nurse before advancing to Registered Nurse, BSN and MSN.

Coming from a French background, I was struggling with medical terminologies and English words. GCI instructors were very patient with us. They explained everything and repeated it until we understood. 


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I changed careers after my former company went out of business. I wasn't sure I could do a CNA job but thanks to the training and inspiration from my instructors, I am a dedicated and humble CNA.



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Greenbelt Career Institute treated us like family, but made sure we mastered all the skills. We passed our GNA  exam 10/10. I highly recommend GCI to everyone, they are the best. 


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